AUTOPILOT - The steering algorithms in the Simrad AP50 is the result of over 60 years of steering.

The steering algorithms in the Simrad AP50 is the result of over 60 years of steering experience.

Excellent steering performance

Simple operation with dedicated push buttons and the innovative QS50 Quickstick operation

Two complete sets of preprogrammable steering parameters

Multiple combination of dual compass

Thruster control for improved low speed manoeuvring

Wheelmark approved including HSC, US coastguard approved


The Simrad AP50 Marine Autopilot offers the ultimate in autopilot performance for vessels over 50 feet. More than 60 years of experience and development is embedded in the most comprehensive of all pilot systempackages. It offers a wide range of controls, displays and interfaces to build up a complete bridge steering system suitable for commercial craft, super and mega yachts, power and sailboats.

You will find all the features you would expect from a true commercial pedigree. The steering algorithms in the Simrad AP50 Marine Autopilot is the result of over 60 years of steering experience. The special Auto Heading Capture is based on experience with the offshore market. The Simrad AP50 Marine Autopilot will provide precise steering, using the least amount of rudder movements necessary. Save fuel and wear on the steering-gear with the Adaptive Sea state Filter, Automatic rudder offset, Adaptive rudder deadband, Adaptive speed response, Second compass for course monitoring and Adaptive pump speed.


Simrad’s WORK mode has been taken to an even higher level in the Simrad AP50 marine autopilot. The Auto Work mode is an automatic steering mode to be used under operational conditions, different from those normally found when a vessel is in normal transit on a pre-set course. Examples are trawling, towing, being towed, trolling on one engine, slow speed etc. As GPS Chartplotters and Electronic Charting Systems (ECS) has become standard equipment on most vessels today, this Work feature has now been implemented in the Simrad AP50 navigation mode resulting in a Nav Work mode. Combined with a bow-thruster, navigational steering is now possible at low speeds previously considered unsuitable for autopilot use.


Display Type Transflective matrix LCD (102x83mm)
Multilanguage Display Yes



Course Change Rotary Knob Yes
Heading Capture In Turns Yes
DODGE: Return to last or new heading Yes
Automatic Tuning Yes
NFU Power Steering Yes
Rudder Angle Bar Graph Yes
Rudder Angle Calibration Yes
Multiple Compass Input Yes
Remote Station Lock Yes
Multiple Stations Yes
Off Course Alarm Yes


Analog Presentation Yes



Width 252 mm \ 9.9 in
Height 144 mm \ 5.7 in
Depth 80 mm \ 3.1 in


Analog Presentation Yes
Dedicated Mode Keys Yes